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Belfry High School
Belfry High School
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Belfry High School


“Where excellence is a way of life”


Belfry High School, established 1923, is located at the Eastern tip of Pike County at 27678 US 119 N., Belfry, KY.  Belfry High was the first school in Pike County (1972) to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Belfry’s campus consists of the main building with fifty-three classrooms, library, auditorium, and gymnasium.  The athletic complex contains one classroom, storage, and dressing room for the home team.  There is a football concessions building and press box.  The baseball and softball building also contains storage, concession, and press box.

            Belfry has thirty-seven certified faculty members, one librarian, two vice-principals, a principal, and two counselors to meet student needs.  Currently there are twenty female teachers and seventeen male.  All 737 students are given the opportunity to experience a curriculum that exceeds the requirements of the state as well as variety of upper level AP and honors classes.  Three hundred eighty-seven courses are offered.  One hundred and thirty-nine classes require highly qualified teachers teaching in their content areas.   The student population consists of three hundred sixty-five males and three hundred seventy-two females.  The study body is 98.5% Caucasian, 1.08% African-American, .136% Asian American, .136% Native American and .136% other. 

            Test scores for 2008 included the following: 65% scored distinguished or proficient in reading, 34.21% scored distinguished or proficient in mathematics, 44.74% scored distinguished or proficient in science, 36.84% scored distinguished or proficient in social studies, and 23.18% scored distinguished or proficient in writing on-demand.    During the 2008-09 school year, the attendance rate was 95.51% with a graduation rate of 86.27%.   

            Belfry High School is proud of its history and traditions.  Belfry High has earned the distinction of being a Blue Ribbon School as well as a school of excellence. The school is also constantly looking to the future.  In 2006, The Freshmen Academy was established to provide a smaller, community based atmosphere for incoming students. The purpose of the school is to educate all students while supporting their social, physical, and emotional development.  The students and faculty firmly believe Belfry High School is a school “where excellence is a way of life”.


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